‘Market Flower Stalls’; John Vander


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Very accomplished artist and lovely framed oil

Size: artwork 37x67cm

JOHN VANDER (1945-). 

John was born in Belgium in the coal-mining town of Marcinelle (known as the Black Country) in 1945. He migrated to Australia in 1969. 38 years later he has not lost his passion for his adopted country. As an artist not born in Australia John feels he sees the Australian environment with fresh eyes. The charm of nostalgic 19th-century settings of historic towns has won John many accolades. John’s work is reproduced as card, prints, limited edition prints, calendars and books and his paintings were among the first to be published by Art Nouveau during its domination of fine art publishing in the late ’80s. One of his prints was second on the national list of all-time best sellers. This achievement has helped his reputation to grow as one of Australia’s well sought-after artists. John’s work hangs in private corporate and public collections throughout the world.