OCEAN VIEW – William Lister Lister

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Highly regarded award winning artist.Miniature watercolour.

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Born in Sydney his family moved to England. By 1876 at the age of 17 Lister had already exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy. By 1884 he moved to London and began a career as a professional artist and teacher and exhibited continually with the Royal Society of British Artists, the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Wales and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Royal Empire Society Of Artists. Returning to Sydney in 1888 he was prominent within art society’s and became the only professional artist on the board of the National Art Gallery of NSW. Recognised as a consummate craftsman in watercolour and oil he won his first of seven Wynne Landscape Prizes in 1898 the same year he was represented in the exhibition of Australian Art in London. He died in 1943 when hit by a taxi.

Signed original artwork is 11 x 7 cm  framed-31 x76cm